Psychotherapeutic Counselling

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How can counselling help me?

Dr Jane McChrystal, Counsellor in Canary Wharf, guides you to what you can expect during counselling and how it can help

In your first session we’ll identify troubling areas of your life and how you could benefit from counselling

Together we’ll choose a convenient slot for a regular appointment. After our initial sessions you can opt for therapy on a short, medium or long-term basis

During therapy we’ll look at patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour which prevent you from making the most of your life

We’ll consider your family background and its impact on your current relationships. Your therapy will also involve discovering unknown wishes which can exert enormous influence on your life, leaving you feeling powerless to change while they remain hidden.

 An important part of your therapy will involve thinking about new ways to manage situations you usually find hard to handle and how to put them into action between sessions

There’ll be a point in your therapy when you feel more confident about your ability to maintain successful relationships and make the right choices for yourself. Then it is time for us to think about ending your therapy.

Therapy can be challenging, but it should enable you to identify your strengths and achievements. It will also excite you, stimulate your curiosity and foster your creativity.

I started from a position of weakness and I gained strength and resolve to tackle issues and problems which seemed at the time to be insurmountable

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